The Most Comfortable Offshore Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket With Harness

The time has come to replace my PFD's with some modern inflatable jackets. After some research, an offshore Inflatable life jacket equipped with a harness is going to be my best option. This offshore inflatable PFD with a harness will be used primarily for day sailing. Comfort and safety are the key results I'm looking to achieve. Offshore PFD must be coast guard approved. Being able to convert the inflatable PFD from automatic to Manual Only would be a plus. If anyone has any positive or negative experiences with a certain brand or design, please share them.



  • @TakeMeToTheOcean I can give you some advice on 2 different jackets as I just upgraded a few months ago. I used to use Mustang Survival HIT auto-inflation jackets and I was pretty happy with them. The main issue that made me want to seek another was the fit for me personally. The strap down the back is a little too short for my liking making the belt sit a little higher than I think it should. The quality of the mustang HIT is awesome and the materials are great. It never once misfired which is a huge plus and I've been pummeled with severe weather while wearing it. The jacket will last you many years and the replacement cartridges are easy to find and replace. The price point isn't outrageous and the quality makes it worth the cost.

    I recently decided to upgrade and picked up the Spinlock Auto-inflate DeckVest 6D with a harness. The buoyancy is the same as the Mustang HIT at 38 lbs but the fitment to my torso is much more comfortable. The buckle locks are much more secure feeling and have a better design than the Mustang FIt. There is a cutter attachment point that the Mustang did not have as well. There are also chest pack attachment points if you use a pack.

    ll in all, Im happier with the Spinlock PFD but you cant go wrong with either one. The spin lock is definitely a better fit and a more advanced design however both are designed to keep you afloat the same.

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