SIMRAD NSS12 Evo3 Multifunction Display with US C-Map Charts Review

I thought I would jump on here and offer my unsolicited fishing electronics gear review on my SIMRAD NSS12 Evo3 Multifunction Display.

I have owned and used this fish finder for about 6 months now and I believe I have put it through its paces enough to come up with a fairly in-depth user review.

The display is full of some awesome features. The down scan screen, chirp screen and the side scan screens are all highly detailed. The sun glare is non-existent in any light or angle which is something I don't think I've ever had in a screen before. Your transducer obviously makes a difference in what casual you will see. I'm running a traditional Simrad Active Scan transducer on 200kHz. The gain adjustment is a slider that pops up on the screen and it is very easy to use. It does use an auto gain which works great. I haven't had to really fine tune ever. I love the current tide info as well. Selecting your features is great and super easy to do. Navigation through the icons is straight-forward and walks you through your parameters without confusion. I recommend the higher frequency if you are running a faster boat.

TVG, scroll speed, ping speed. these things make for a customizable display that fine tunes your fishing environment. You can make the top of the water column more clear. You can increase your scroll speed or slow it down when you are over structure (I keep it in normal). You can adjust the ping speed to adjust the depth accurately.

The log can be stored into a data card as well as with internal memory which is a bonus. Especially when uploading maps.

The split screen image for down imaging is nice where it zooms into the bottom on the left side of the display. This makes things convenient when targeting multiple species or the entire water column.

The side scan screen is very clear. Contrast adjustment is a digital slider that is very easy to tune and read.

First Reveal on the SIMRAD NSS12 Evo3 makes seeing the marks so easy vs regular down scan. I thought that was a gimmick at first but not after I used it. They both have their purpose but the more I use the First Reveal, the more I like it.

Pros and Cons of the Simrad Nss12 Evo 3

Cons. This fish finder is pricy and doesn't come with a transducer. The waypoint management is pretty rudimentary compared to my old RayMarine. The Simrad doesnt have waypoint grouping which is very handy. It connects with all smartphones or tablets with the app.

Pros. There is no lag with the touch screen. The iMX8 six-core processor is very fast and the operations are easy. The display is incredibly bright in any light. The touch screen is great but you can also use the manual controls if your hands are covered in fish or dirty or something.

All in all, I'm very happy with the unit and can see this lasting me many years. It works perfect for me and my boat. Hopefully this review helps you decide if its going to work for you and yours.


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    Excellent review! This helps me so much. Im currently in the market to upgrade. I've been trying to compare the Simrad Nss12 vs Garmin 8410 xsv. I'm also looking at the Raymarine Axiom 12.

    Do you regret not going with the new Raymarine at all?

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