In Need Of Some New Stainless Steel Forceps

Hey Dock line, I recently lost my last pair of forceps and I'm currently shopping for some new. Must be stainless steel with good grip. Ive seen some razz or bronze forceps for an outrageous amount of money and on the other side of the spectrum, there are cheap sets that bend when you look at them wrong. I'm looking for a quality pair that will handle fish as large as a big pike and as small as a 5" perch. Something I can clip onto my tackle. What does everyone out there love using?


  • Hey @WesternTroutBum, I picked up a set of Cuda stuff on sale bout 6 months ago and was surprised at the quality for the price. This stuff has been very durable so far for freshwater and saltwater use. The forceps are the perfect size if you ask me. All pairs I find are usually too delicate or too big and heavy. These ones are perfect and balanced. I picked up a set of forceps and the knife kit. The forceps stay with me and the knife kit stays at the truck. For the price, I'd say these are the best bang for the buck. Tight lines friend!

  • @Reel_Buster_ Just ordered a pair of the Cuda Forceps. They look pretty Ideal for what I need and they actually look like higher quality than the price reflects. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm excited to give them a try!

  • @WesternTroutBum You're going to love them! They are the perfect length, The rubber thumb surrounds are very cushy and comfortable. The grip is always there no matter how wet or slimy they get. They cut braided line easy and have a little hook sharpener built in. For the money, I would say there is no better set of forceps for general fishing use out there. If you use a retractable lanyard, make sure it's not too light duty. The larger grips make these a little heavier than other forceps that are the same size. The functionality of these makes the little added weight well worth it.

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    Lol you mean these ones!!? Hah, ive had a set clipped onto my fishing bibs for at least 2 years now. These are by far the best small/medium size fishing forceps I've used. I love the Cuda stuff. They actually take slimy hands into consideration where most companies think you just happen to have sandpaper grip when handling fish. I never understood that logic. These are actually usable forceps and they are incredibly comfortable after a full day of setting hooks and ripping lips. PS, theyre usually connected to a retractible lanyard but it recently broke and I haven't replaced it yet.

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