Is Lowrance a Good Brand Fish Finder For A Small Center Console Recreational Fishing Boat?

I have a 2019 Mako 18 LTS Inshore boat, I am looking to add some fishing electronics. Specifically a Fish finder GPS combo. I want a good unit that will last a while. Something user friendly is a must for me. This is what has lead me to Lowrance. From everything I've read, people love the usability of the Lowrance head units. What is your experience with Lowrance fishing electronics? I'm not new to saltwater fishing but I am new to saltwater fishing with electronics so any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


  • Ayeeee! Nice choice for a boat lol. Absolutely Lowrance is an excellent choice of electronics for a center console Mako. I personally run the Lowrance HDS Live 7 with Active Imaging. The high def resolution makes for a very easy to read screen with a ton of detail. The 3-in-1 transducer that comes with it is awesome and has a huge field of view. C-Map makes creating waypoints and marking spots on your favorite areas a breeze. The responsiveness is second to none and side scan is a huge upgrade. There is no better screen in the industry if you ask me. I would absolutely recommend Lowrance for a center console fishing rig.

  • Lowrance offers amazing fishing electronics. The UI of a Lowrance fish finder is second to none if you ask me. No matter what your budget is, the user interface of all lowrance models is basically the same. Its simple and intuitive. I have an HDS-9 with active imaging and I love it. CHIRP sonar, ActiveTargetm Structure Scan, c_maps. It has everything you could want and works amazingly well. I especially like the c-map contour feature. The imaging is unreal and makes fishing so much fun. If you go with the Lowrance HDS 12 or bigger, you can connect your smart phone as well. Being able to update your charts means youll be able to use the same head unit for years in the future. Your budget is going to determine the features you get. This is what lead me to the HDS-9. I personally think it is the best bang for the buck when it comes to a high end fish finder.

  • I've been fishing out of a boat for about 3 decades now, chartering for about 2 and Lowrance is an excellent choice for electronics no matter the size of your boat or your fishing capabilities. As mentioned above, easy to use and very detailed. I'm excited to see what they announce for this new year.

  • Lowrance is owned by a company called Navico. They are currently the world's largest marine electronics company. Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and a few others fall under the same owners. This means that the best electronics in the world share the same commitment to leading technology and quality. You can't go wrong with Lowrance electronics in my opinion and I've been using them for years without issue now. I highly recommend Lowrance electronics.

  • That is an awesome little boat and super fun. They handle very well. You might want to consider the Hook 7 Splitshot. Another good option for a smaller Mako would be the Lowrance Elite FS7. The Hook 7 is very user friendly and easy to use. The display is bright in the sun and easy to adjust for dim conditions. The auto-tuning sonar is awesome and makes life easy. I guess thats the point of a Lowrance fish finder right.

    The Elite FS 7 offers the power of all of Lowrance's new tech with an easy to use and install screen. Its an awesome unit for the money. I've experienced flawless performance from the Lowrance Elite FS9. The ActiveTarget is incredible and fishing with it has been an absolute joy to say the least.

  • Sure is! Lowrance Elite FS7 has an HDI transducer and C-Maps which are incredible for navigating and finding contour to target. The Lowrance Elite screen resolution is crisp and vivid in any light condition. It is one of the easier screens to use which is a huge benefit because it keeps you fishing rather than constantly changing settings for the conditions. For the price, for a center console fishing boat on the smaller side, I would argue that the Lowrance Elite FS7 is the best unit on the market for that specific application.

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    I am a very big fan of Lowrance and have been using Simrad or Lowrance electronics for years. Lowrance typically offers a Good, Better, Best option for every angler. The entry level displays are the Hook Reveal screens. They typically come in smaller sizes and are very easy to use with the features you need. Mounting is easy and pretty universal. TS models have side scan.

    The Elite FS is going to be the middle ground with touch screen, live sonar, ghost trolling motor and networkable. The Elite HDS is very awesome. The HDS controls radars, sonars, and has the ability to build a fully networked system. The HDS has a lot of ports so you can connect a full system for the boat. Zooming in and out of your charts is awesome. All elite models have touch screen and the ability to zoom in and out of charts using your fingers.

    I use the HDS12 and the HDS9 with a ghost trolling motor and I love that I am able to customize my screens to adjust my display. I can run my chart and my side scan on the same screen and my ghost 360 on a screen which is so awesome. You can really map out your fishing and increase your productivity.

    Here is a video by Lowrance that covers a lot of the different displays and their features. Long story short, A Lowrance Hook FS or a Elite FS would be perfect for a center console boat. An Elite HDS would be awesome if you really to fully integrate all your electronics and plan on building a full network.

  • This Lowrance webinar on utilizing a combination of charts, GPS, sonar and active target technology together in order to target fish and have fun. I run an HDS 12 and couldn't be happier with its performance. Lowrance has always been ahead of the game when it comes to their marine electronics however they have exponentially stepped up their game in the last 2 years. Utilizing a Lowrance screen to follow charts and keep yourself from running aground is also a feature that is often overlooked. Watch this webinar to see how the pros utilize the features to their advantage with a Lowrance display.

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