How Do You Mount A Transducer On a Pontoon Boat?

I'm looking for resources on mounting my fish finder transducer onto a pontoon boat. Because the deck sits above the water in a pontoon, what are my mounting options? Looking to get this project completed this winter so no rush. Still shopping for fishing electronics currently but I thought I'd ask here.


  • You are somewhat limited when it comes to mounting a transducer onto a pontoon boat because you cannot penetrate the pontoon tube itself. Most pontoon boats have a mounting bracket mounted at the rear of the pontoon tube. This is the most common place to mount a transducer on a pontoon boat. You have to make sure your transducer mount is compatible with a flush mounting surface.

  • Pretty much all pontoon boats have a mounting plate on the port side pontoon. That is the most common place to mount a transducer. You also have the option to run a second transducer on the bottom of a trolling motor at your bow if you are equipped with one. Here's a quick DIY video on installing a fish finder on a pontoon boat. Using basic tools.

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