What would be the best GPS fishfinder combo for high speed boating?

I'm looking into new electronics. Looking for a fish finder GPS combo that will process over 10-15 mph. My last GPS was incredibly slow and when I would slow down or stop, it would take at least a minute or two to reset to the proper depth. I'm wondering whats new, its been about 5 years since I've looked at whats available. Garmin Echomap 106? Lowrance Elite FS9? Simrad G09?


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    One of the most valuable features on any fish finder/gps combo is screen size. Thats the main reason I decided on a Lowrance HDS 16 on my bass boat and my Mako. On the small boat, I also use a Live 9 at my bow and an older HDS at the stern. The LIVE'S power to run a 1kw transducer and the 3 in 1 transducer is a dynamic duo! 800KHZ structure scan gives the detail and depth you need to identify that fish holding structure over a hundred feet away from the boat. Lowrance LIVE hit this one out of the park! Can't wait to add the live imaging to the bow! The display is very easy to customize. It is fast to switch between screens. I haven't heard of any issues with load speeds or signal speeds since I installed this screen. I've read reviews of slow load times but that was with models a decade old or so. I wouldn't be concerned. The Elite is a more entry level series. The Navionics maps on the HDS are also a huge benefit that the Elite doesnt have. The HDS also has a faster processor speed which would work for your needs. The advantage of the HDS is that you can add to it as needed and upgrade in the future. The Elite series is a what you see is what you get.

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