West Marine Presents Go Fishing With Lowrance Electronics

West Marine has teamed up with Lowrance and we have some exciting news to share. We have teamed up for an online event will showcase new Lowrance electronics for 2022. The West Marine/Lowrance webinar kicks off January 12th and will extend through the month. Join us on January 20th at 7:00pm CST for a webinar with Robert Trosset of Spindrift Fishing Charters. He is going to explain the tips and tricks he uses to find fish. He will show you how to set up your Lowrance electronics for the most success on the water. Stay tuned and turn your notifications on for these events. If you enjoy fishing, you don't want to miss them.

"I take people fishing the way that I like to go fishing myself.  You have to love what you do. It's what I do on my own time." 
- Capt. "RT" Trosset

Watch this informative and entertaining webinar here.

Learn more about 2022 Lowrance Electronics for fishing by following the link below.


  • I just signed up to see the events. Im excited to see what Lowrance is planning on offering for 2022! I currently own a Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Splitshot and I couldn't be happier. Its my first display utilizing FishReveal technology and I am in love with it. The maps I just downloaded are a great bonus as well.

  • Kayak angler from Texas here using a Lowrance Elite 4x. The size, display layout and features are what sold me on the Lowrance Hook 4x. The display is really easy to acquire and read in any light. From dawn to dusk, this units display is vibrant. The trackback feature is amazing and always gets me back to where I need to be. I'm excited to see these webinars. I love being in the know with electronics.

  • This webinar has been awesome so far! Thanks for the link West Marine. I've learned quite a bit about fully utilizing my Lowrance HDS-12 and how to combine the technology for a more productive day. Using the charts to perfectly map my waypoints to wrecks will keep me from driving right over them and blowing out all the fish. Approach angle is something I've never really given enough credit. I don't feel bad for stealing some of these techniques lol. I could watch fishing videos all day but ones that actually teach you something that you just cant find without personal experience take the cake. I cant wait to put some of these techniques to use. Thanks Lowrance, thanks West Marine. I needed this.

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