Can I use My Ice Fishing Flasher On A Boat In Open Water?

Can I use my Ice Fishing Flasher on a boat? I have a Vexilar FLX-28 ice fishing flasher and recently picked up a Jon boat I plan on converting to a nice fishing boat this winter. I am just curious if I can mount and utilize my ice fishing flasher on a boat on open water. I understand I will have to be stationary and only vertically jigging to see anything but I have a lot of things to buy for this boat so right now I am on a budget. I figure it might be better than nothing for the time being. I can mount it and create a transducer mount that would drop the transducer over the side of the boat. This would be for jigging for panfish but If the water is deep enough it would work when jigging for trout as well. The back of the ice flasher has a standard transducer port so there's a chance another boat specific transducer might work right? I'm just tossing around ideas but I think in theory it will at least let me know the depth and the bottom conditions. The Ice Flasher is a Vexilar FLX-28. It reads down to 300' and has a low power mode for very shallow water. The detail and brightness on the display is second to none and the accuracy of this unit is dialed. I absolutely love it which is why I'd like to play with it in the summer on my new boat if possible. Has anyone used their ice fishing flasher on a boat before? If so, I would love to hear about your experience. Thanks Dock Line Forum! Here is a pic of the unit if you are not familiar.


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    Absolutely you can use your ice transducer on your boat on open water. A couple of guys I know do that actually. They work especially well on boats without a battery lol. Your Vexilar is a great unit with what looks like a 9 degree cone. Hard to tell from this pic. Next time you are out ice fishing, move your jig to a hole next to your ice ducer and see how much area it will cover. You can change your transducer as well to multiple different beam angles. If you turn up your gain, you can also widen your beam. If you have the 9 degree pro view transducer (I think you do) you can actually widen the beam by turning up your gain quite a bit. A buddy of mine has 2 16" Lowrance screens on his boat and mounted to the right is his old FLX-12 vexilar lol. He has a little mount for his transducer and loves it for certain applications. Take some time on the ice to get to know your area so you can get a better understanding of how your Vexilar IceDucer is going to work on open water. Good luck with the Jon boat build, those are always super fun to do!

  • Hey if you've got the equipment, use it! You can absolutely use your iceducer on a boat and they work very well. You gain a lot of very valuable information with your unit that will help decipher the bottom conditions, depths, drop-offs, weeds etc. You'll catch more fish than not having one. Mount it up on your bow using a bungee system so you dont kick it off into the water and angle the display up at you. I just found this video talking about it and this guy also uses a Vexilar FLX-28.

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