Propane Outboard Motor Safety

I read the helpful article at

Safe Propane Installations

By Tom Burden, Last updated 2/04/2019

The article, and most forum discussions I have found on propane safety focus mostly on cooking and other appliances.

I have a 22' sailboat with an enclosed cabin and no galley. I would like to use the Mercury propane 5HP outboard. In the case where there is a dedicated (no other propane lines or connections) propane tank for the motor, what is the most common practice for mounting the tank? I have seen reviews with the propane tank sitting in the stern of a dinghy where a gasoline tank would sit. That seems to go against safety recommendations and regulations. I have read forum discussions where people have mounted the tanks to their stern pulpit, which seems almost safe.

I don't think my boat is large enough to accommodate a propane locker, but am not opposed to doing so if there are good recommendations for how / where to do so.

Does the stern mount solution require a propane locker if the tank is aft of the transom? Is there a way to install a propane locker near the motor?



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