Sonar Chart Plotter Transducer

Is there a transducer that will work from the inside of a thick hull of a SeaRay sundancer? Specifically interested in a RayMarine, Hummingbird, or Garmin model.

Trying not to pay the price for a haul out and don't like the idea of another hole in the hull.

Thanks for any leads.



  • If your hull is solid fiberglass, yes there are in-hull transducers available. Of course, you lose the ability to read water temperature, and you will lose maximum depth performance. If your hull is cored, there there will need to be some fiberglass work. You'll need to cut out the inside skin and core material and then fiberglass up that area to create an area of solid fiberglass for the transducer to mount. All major fishfinder brands have them available.

  • The best performance will come with a Thru-Hull transducer. If you need any details about them, here's a great article.

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