Advice for new sonar/radar/radio?

Hi all - I'm a novice boater and I'm fixing up an old 1977 22' Fiberform flybridge boat. Putting new motor / controls in now and looking to install all new electronics. I want something easy to use (because of the novice thing) but good new technology. What I know I want is a good fish finder, GPS (included in all fish finders these days?), radar to keep me safe in the fog, and a new VHF radio. I'd like to keep my total budget under $6k if possible. I was told Garmin is usually better for beginners, but I'm open to other brands.

What do you recommend based on my situation / needs? THANK YOU for any experienced advice you can give.



  • Being a new boater in electronics, I recommend going with brands that are known for their ease of use and understanding. Garmin is always a go-to brand for that, if you'd like to fish consider a Garmin Fish finder and chart plotter.

    Then in the way of VHFs, I suggested the Standard Horizon brand with a handheld or fixed mount. Depending on your preference and cockpit space.

    Once you get comfortable with those consider getting a Garmin radar too!

  • Boaterchick had some really nice recommendations, Leastfisher!

    Here is a great article to help kick off your search.

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