Teleflex steering installation

Hi about to tackle replacing my Teleflex cable lsteering and cable in my 20 foot Grady white center consul. Looks fairly simple except I have seen where some people say you must lift the motor to get the cable into the tilt tube? Which ion a 150 hp outboard would be quite difficult. Anyone have any experience or anything to offer on that ? Thanks Ted


  • So, not exactly the same as your outboard, but I replaced mine on a 20ft Regal - it's a runabout with a stern drive, but the concept should hopefully be the same and if this doesn't help you maybe it helps someone in the future who's finds your posting.

    I did not have to remove my engine or anything besides the teleflex cable. I have a Volvo Penta with a steering actuator mounted on the rear transom behind the engine ( I removed the pins for the actuator to disconnect it from the stern drive and release the tension on the cable. I unscrewed the cable from the actuator and tied a strong rope to the teleflex cable. I connected the other end of the rope to a cleat on the boat just in case I pulled it too far. I then removed the cable/rack from the steering at the helm and pulled it (along with the rope) out from the helm side. I tied the new cable to the rope and pulled it back and reversed the entire process.

    If you do have to remove your outboard and are worried about the weight, a simple gin pole setup will be a back saver. It's what was used before we had all these fancy hydraulic cranes and tractors.

  • Ted, calling the brand directly could also help give some insight! Try reaching out Teleflex directly! Here is a link to their contact page.

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