Troubleshooting issues with Dual-purpose battery

New boater here. Thanks in advance for any help!

My new-to-me 25' bowrider's been in the water for a week and it looks like there's no charge on the dual purpose battery (Duralast 27 DP-DL). I'm looking for advice on whether I should (a) charge the battery myself; (b) replace the battery; or (c) hire someone to troubleshoot the issues. Some quick comments/symptoms:

  • I don't know the age of the battery - I just bought the boat in Oct - but visually it looks great (pic below) and like it's been well taken care of.
  • The (very reputable) storage facility is supposed to check the battery before they launch it. I'm trying to confirm whether or not that happened - or what the reading might have been.
  • After launch, it took the boat out for 2 quick drives (1 hr total), and it seemed fine. I saw no warnings/lights indicating anything was off. And I definitely thought I turned off all electronics when leaving.
  • A couple of days ago, I couldn't get any power to any electronics or get the engine to start. The next day I confirmed with a multimeter that there was no charge to the battery.
  • With the battery switch on, the voltage reading was zero. With the battery switch off, it read 0.2V.

So I'm trying to figure out if I should assume it's just a bad battery and either charge it or replace it, or whether that voltage difference is big enough that I should assume there's a significant parasitic draw, and have someone else find the find/diagnose the problem (I'm not confident I could find the source of the problem).

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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