10 Lb. Braided line

If a Baitcaster shows holding 130 yards of 10 Lb. Mono line, how many yards would it be for 10 Lb. Braided Line ?? Thanks.


  • This depends on the specific diameters of the mono and braided line. The line manufacturer should provide this information.

    The way you calculate it is to take the monofilament line's diameter and divide it by the braid's diameter. Then you multiply that number by the mono capacity that you know.

    For example, You're asking about 130 yards of 10lb mono:

    Sufix Superior monofilament in 10lb test is 0.30mm in diameter, while PowerPro 10lb line is 0.15mm in diameter.

    0.30mm / 0.15mm = 2 2 x 130 yards = 260 yards.

    In this example, you'd be able to fit around 260 yards of braid on that spool rated for 130yds of mono.

    This isn't an exact calculation since we are just using the diameter and not the actual cross-section area, but it gives you a good idea.

  • A Reel that holds 130 yds of 10lb Mono., will probably hold over 250 yards of Braid. Hope this helps!

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