Favorite pocket knife/multi tool

I’m very curious about what others consider their favorite onboard pocket knife or multi tool. I used a Gerber multi tool a lot and some times a Leatherman Wave. My favorite knives are my rigging knife, a Gerber folder and a SOG Aegis I bought at West Marine last year? What works well for you?


  • I have used SpyderCo knifes for years. I have the Endura model. Great one handed operation and superior blade steel.

  • My favorite is the Leatherman Charge TTi. It's the same form factor as the Wave, with the added features of a cutting hook added to the serrated blade, and comes with a starter bit kit. The handles are also titanium, and the knife blades are made out of a harder steel to keep sharper longer. I also add more bits, the bit extender, and a small flashlight to the sheath. It's rare that I don't have what I need right on my hip.

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