Looking For Cheap Boat Flooring Options

Currently working on an small fishing boat as a fun little pond runner. It's a budget build so I'm looking for cheap boat flooring options that looks a little better than marine grade carpet. What are my options?



  • Amazon sells rolls of EVA foam flooring that comes in many different designs. It's cheap but just a heads up, its thin and does shrink after a year or two in the sun. Youll have to re-apply a better adhesive near the corners or smaller pieces after a year or two. It looks great when you first apply it and its cheap enough to justify on a pond boat.

  • @Reel_Buster_ because you are building a fishing boat, I would avoid carpet or vinyl. The cleaning process is a little longer than something like the closed-cell foam listed in the comment above. For the ultimate durability, look into some non-slip textured marine deck paint. It is easy to apply on any surface and is even easier to clean! The EVA foam is a good option if you like to fish barefoot because it doesnt get as hot as many materials. It does get a little beat up after a few years but it is fairly easy to replace. I think that paint would be your best bet for a fishing boat but the foam would be an awesome look and as long as you keep it clean, it will last a long time.

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