Winterize A Boat Checklist

I thought I'd offer a little helpful advice and post a Winterize A Boat Checklist that might help out. I took this Winterizing Checklist PDF from West Marine. Feel free to print it and use it every year. I have multiple copies. If you need one, I can mail one to anyone who needs. Hope this helps! Not everything on this Winterize A Boat Checklist is going to apply to you, so I take White Out to cover over the ones I don't need.


  • @Flying_Lady This is amazing, thank you! I came here to The Dock Line for winterization tips specifically. This is exactly what I needed. Now I just need to get it done! Thank you for sharing, and Thank you West Marine for making boat life easier!

  • @Flying_Lady Another common solution for winterizing your boat is to relocate to a place that does't have winter anymore! It sounds like it might be more affordable in the long run for some of you running quads... Lol

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    Great boat winterization checklist @Flying_Lady, Also if you have a drain plug at the bottom of your transom, make sure to allow it to drain. If a mooring cover fails and allows water to leak inside, it can puddle at the end of the transom and freeze harming anything that becomes submerged.

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