Best Gifts For Boaters

The holiday season is right around the corner and shipping times have been dismal at best lately so I wanted to get a jump on the season and start my shopping. My family is a family of boaters and skiers. We love the lake life and I'm in desperate need of some unique gift ideas for boaters. I love giving gifts that I know someone will use and cherish. Even if its as simple as a hilarious beverage Koozie. My budget is a little higher than that but I like to give gifts that have a personal feel to them. Any tips or direction is very much appreciated! Happy Boating Dock Line!


  • @LakeUnionSlalom One pretty cool gift idea for a family of boaters is a topographical map of your favorite body of water to hang on the wall. Something like this one I found of Lake Tahoe or a spin of it. This one is made with layers of wood for a 3d effect which I thought was pretty cool.

  • @LakeUnionSlalom I cant think of one boater that wouldn't benefit from a boat care kit. This one is great because it has everything you need in an easy to store and transport bucket so you dont have to buy that separately or use an old dirty bucket. The kit comes with streak remover which is a huge plus, deck cleaner, and bilge cleaner which is something that is often overlooked until it becomes a problem. All of these cleaners are biodegradable and environmentally friendly and still very effective. Happy Holidays!

  • A Marine Grill is an awesome gift for any boater, sail or power. They store easy, they have dozens of convenient mounting or storage options that accommodate any boat and they use a small propane cylinder to cook. We absolutely love ours and it was a game changer. No more cooler full of soggy sandwiches while out for the day.

    Magma Cabo Marine Grill

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