What is the best marine battery charger?

Hello Dock Line! I am looking to install a new on board battery charger. Any advice on which marine battery charger is the best?


  • I've alway been a big fan of Minn Kota. They are relible and built well. Any marine charger will work as long as the numbers match up but Minn Kota are water resistant and seem to work great for my needs. The minn Kota charger I use gives just the right amount of charge and monitors it so I dont have to. I think the Minn Kota chargers also discharge the right amount if you get the right one but don't quote me on that.

  • @AtTheHelm How many banks do you need? Either way you can't go wrong with MinnKota or ProMariner marine battery chargers. Both have great warranties and both are very corrosion resistant.

  • It's a two bank system. I picked up two new lithium batteries (a starting battery and a dual purpose). They actually came with a free charger when I bought the combo. It is a Victron, I know nothing about it so I'll do a little research.

  • Victron makes very good equipment. You will need to make sure that the charger can do Lithium. You also may have to go through a set up procedure to tell the charger you have Lithium batteries. Plus, there may be other criteria to choose from as well. Lithium batteries have a completely different charging protocol than Lead acid, gel-cell or AGM. With Lithium it is very critical that you get it right! Read and understand all the literature that came with the battery and the charger. If there is anything that doesn't make sense, contact the respective manufacturers of the battery and/or the charger!

  • @AtTheHelm, @TBear is right, and chances are that the combo came with a charger because Lithium batteries need a specific charger. They cannot take the spikes that lead acid chargers produce and they become hazardous if they are overcharged. Because your combo came with a charger, I'm sure you're fine but definitely read the literature before installation and operation.

  • Awesome thanks everyone, I have verified that yes the combo did come with a NoCo lithium smart charger.

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