Gifts For A Fisher

There's nothing more an angler wants for Christmas than more fishing gear! No matter if the ground is covered in snow, or you are chasing redfish on a 80 degree day in January, there is always a season for fishing gear. With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would put together a thread to start talking about gift ideas for anglers. My wife always asks me what I want for Christmas. I always reply with, "Fishing gear of course". Do I ever get fishing gear for presents? Nope.... The reason, I've concluded, is that she has no clue what to get me. The fishing world is a big one, and gift buying for anglers can be intimidating. Here is a list of things that any angler, no matter where they live and fish, would love! If any of you know my wife, feel free to tag her in this thread.

Fishing gear any saltwater or freshwater angler can't have enough of. I've provided as many links as I can. Please provide links of your favorites when adding to this list to make things easier to find. Thanks!

A good all-purpose fillet knife

Scissors or nips

Fish scale

Lure and tackle storage

Lure wallet

UV fishing gloves

These are just a couple fisherman gift ideas that I've thought of. I plan on cleaning a lot of my gear this week and I'm sure I'll come up with more ideas. Feel free to post your gift ideas for anglers and feel free to tag my wife!


  • Last year my 5 year old nephew picked out my Christmas gift all by himself which happened to be a $15 Zebco Dock Demon spinning combo.... I couldn't help but laugh when I got it, but I was smiling ear to ear. He knows I love to fish and he loves when we take him out on the boat. This little spinning rod is a blast to fish with and especially catch fish on! The line it comes with is begging to turn into a birds nest so I changed that out after a few uses and now it just so happens to be one of my favorite rods. It's just fun to fish with plain and simple. Every fish feels a lot bigger with this 2 foot rod but it stores easy and doesn't take up any extra room. Its easy to travel with and you can even Ice fish with it if you wanted. The action is medium-medium heavy but for $15 bucks, what more could you want as a gift right?

  • Let's not downplay the importance of a sweet neck gaiter! You can find a neck gaiter to match literally anyones personality or fishing type. As someone who recently had some skin cancer removed behind my ear, I now wear and advocate for wearing a gaiter as much as possible if you are an avid angler. I really like the Huk gaiters because they are designed to go up onto the back of your head so you can wear a hat and keep the sides of your face covered as well. They are just really well designed and breathable. Pelagic also makes a great neck gaiter and they utilize different materials for different parts of your head. Like letting your ears hear and your mouth breathe with more porous fabric. They have some killer designs too.

  • A tackle bag or fishing backpack is an awesome gift for an angler. Also consider a good pair of deck boots. Especially if the angler fishes from a boat. I like the pocket fishing pole idea that @WeAllFloatOn talks about above. You can find a tiny rod and reel combo anywhere and they are crazy cheap. You might want to look at the West Marine gift guide for anglers if you fish the salt.

  • Oh come on, I feel like there is only one answer for the best gift for any angler. Hahah I'm kidding. I cannot stand this thing.

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