Replacing ignition switches DYI

I want to replace these ignition switches myself. Any tips?



  • @knot_reel Dual motor ignition? Also are those 3 position switches? Off, run and start I'm guessing. Just based on your image alone, without knowing any other details, it looks like your direct replacement part is the Sierra conventional 3 position ignition switch. You'll want 2 of them. Do you have any questions on wiring it together? It's going to be very easy as long as you have good access underneath that console panel, behind those ignition switches. There should be simple slip on wire connectors on the back of those switches. Take a look at the connectors as you remove them and replace the female wire connectors if you notice any corrosion or heat damage. Press them on the new switch as soon as you take them off of the old switches so you don't wire anything backwards. Here is a link to the part youll need (as long as you are a 3 position switch, with a 7/8"s diameter opening).

    Now, if you have spade connectors on the ends of your wiring, connecting to the back of the ignition switch, you are going to want this one instead of the one I posted above. If you ask me, this switch provides a little bit better of a connection for rougher use. Either one of these should work just fine for you though depending on the type of connection you have on the back of your current ignition switches.

  • @knot_reel Here's a DIY video replacing the same switch you've got in your picture. The boat's obviously different, console is different, you have 2 instead of 1. Same switch though so use this for reference for wiring and how to get started. Let us know if you have any issues or questions. I'd be happy to lend a hand as much as I can.

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