Looking to add electronics and a battery to my santana 21

I need some help since I am brand new to sailing and sailboats. I am looking to add an electrical system consisting of a few lights, bow and stern lights, a small fridge and a compass and possibly a thing or two more. I really could use a little schematic, although I do have one from Brian Gilberts book, "fix it and sail". His schematic is almost exactly what I want, but he doesn't go into the exact parts to buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John White



  • The Blue Seas Systems online catalog is a good resource for both circuit layout and parts identification, as is their print catalog. They manufacture all the components you might need. The West Advisor has an electric budget worksheet to help calculate the electric loads as well.

  • look at the B&G with the siriusXM weather system on it.. zeus s9 is a great unit

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