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Where is the best place to get the zip in windows that go above the windshield. I have a SeaRay 330 Sundancer.


  • @psdoug What year is your 330 Sundancer and where are you located? I might be able to find a supplier online with some zip-in windows already made and ready to order. I h've also had luck in the past replacing old vinyl and canvas zip-in boat windows from my local canvas cover shop.

  • It's a 2012. I live in Tampa Florida and store my boat in Bradenton Florida. I do have the original ones, but they are wrinkled and hardened and won't stretch enough to fit.

  • @psdoug The 330 is an awesome cruiser! The vinyl windows on a 2012 are easy to replace and SeaRay has actually released their design file so anyone can copy it to recreate a perfect replacement piece. Sea Ray also used Sunbrella fabric which is still very accessible and easy to get in any factory color that Sea Ray made available for 2012.

    With that being said, you have a couple of different options you can choose to try. There are a couple reputable shops online that you can enter your year, and model info and they will ship the pieces to you. They may already have some in stock and ready to go in your colors. I will provide links to a few of those online stores below.

    You can also get ahold of a local canvas shop. Chances are, you might spend a little more but the product is guaranteed to satisfy, fit and have a better warranty. If there are any issues, you may have a better turn around time with a local shop taking care of the issue rather than an online company. I will also list a couple local canvas companies below.

    For Online shopping, take a look at these places. (these are listed in order of preference.)

    1. (my recommendation because their website is secure.)

    For Local Canvas Shops that may be easier to work with, try these links.

    1. (excellent reviews and the work in their images looks great)
    2. ("We use only the best materials because we know that cheap boat covers can fall apart right away or offer little protection for your boat in the first place")

    These two shops are local to Bradenton and should be able to get you taken care of sooner than later.

    Good luck and keep us posted so we can recommend to others a positive or negative experience from any of these shops.

  • Thanks so much, it was very helpful to get me started. Just to update, RNR Marine has stopped production until Spring 2022 due to excess demand. The Boat Canvas Guy has closed both of his shops in Florida and moved to a different state. I didn't ask which state or if he still did canvases. The Better Boat Covers guy has stopped making anything but boat covers. He recommended another canvas shop which I contacted, but won't recommend until I get more information. I did leave my information with American Boat Canvas and will let you know how that goes.

  • @psdoug You have a few other options as well that might help with boat windows shrinking over time. Before you commit to new windows being made consider trying these tricks. If you have the old ones and they are in good condition you can soak the whole section in as warm of water as possible for a couple minutes. This might get it warm enough to stretch back into place. Also try to install during the heat of the day so all canvas pieces are warm and stay warm. If that doesn't work, there are companies that make zipper extensions. All boat canvas shrinks over time, especially after getting wet. The older the cover, the more prone to shrinking the fibers are. Some people use boat cover zipper extenders which give you extra room. If you have snaps instead of zippers, you can find snap extensions as well. I haven't personally tried the boat zipper extensions but they are much more affordable than replacement panels.

  • Interesting! It's good to have options, thanks.

  • American Boat Canvas gets back to you right away with pricing. Their price seems high to me.

  • I went ahead and purchased the windows from American Boat Canvas. I followed their instructions for installation. I was able to get the snaps installed on the front 3 panels, but the side windows will not reach the top of the windshield. I tried to install them again in warm weather and stretched the valance. I was able to get a snap on the front and back of each side window, but not in the middle. American Boat Canvas wants me to video call them next time I am on the boat to see if they can give me tips to help. It just seems like they are too small. I expected that since they were new and supple, they would fit easily. Their instructions made it seem that way. I wish I would have gone with a local canvas shoe that would come out and measure the boar before they made them, and then come out and install them. It cost a little more, but would have been worth it.

  • The local shop in Bradenton is:

    KTM Custom Marine Canvas, 2207 60th Drive E, Bradenton, FL 34203

    Phone: 941=755=7445

  • @psdoug Is it possible to start the middle snap and work out to the sides? Let us know how the phone call goes with them but what a pain. Im wondering if you could possibly wet the fabric to get it to stretch a little more. Hopefully they stand behind their product and offer a solution. Worst case scenario, you could take them to your local canvas shop and have them modify the canvas, paid for by a partial refund from American Boat Canvas.

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