I hope west marine see’s this ! I went on and bought a Garmin plotter, you said in stock on line .... nope you dumped the order to a store which meant they ship it, now comes the buyers education on how cheap you are, A customer would take it that if you are shipping A $2700 chart plotter it would at least go out priority mail or FedEx or even UPS but no it goes out at the lowest level of shipping in the United States it was shipped via smart post which meant there is no real tracking no real essence of delivery or no confirmation of delivery I find that really pathetic. It now has taken six days for a package to travel from your store in Deltaville Virginia to Richmond Virginia which is a grand total of 90 miles it’s still hast to travel another 90 miles to my house if it ever gets here because I have that by the time it gets here my vacation and trip would’ve already started it’ll sit on my front door for two months since there’s no tracking and I can’t stop it from being delivered because smart post packages can’t be rerouted or stopped...... so you have lost yet another online customer due to being so pathetically cheap that you won’t ship priority mail or through a shipping service such as FedEx or UPS from your stores oh and yes I want to you to buy this instead of Amazon I guess I learn my lesson.....


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