Trailer Tires

How do I know if I need radial or bias ply tires?


  • Wouldn’t it depend on weight of the trailer/boat and amount of travel you were doing?

  • The answer depends on your trailer’s handling. Bias ply tires have stiffer sidewalls, so if your rig tends to sway, they may help reduce this problem. They also have advantages for carrying heavy loads. Radials are vastly superior for tread wear. They’ll last an average of 40,000 miles vs. 12,000 for bias plies. However, oxidation, not tread wear, wears out trailer tires. Radial tires are also less prone to developing flat spots on one side when they are parked in the same position for weeks at a time, and tend to run cooler on long trips. Bottom line: consider your trailer’s handling and the manufacturer’s recommended tire type. If you travel long distances and/or put lots of miles on your tires every year, radials are worth the extra cost.

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