After A Century Underwater, The Polar Exploration Ship Endurance Has Been Found

The magnificent 144 foot 3 masted ship was caught in Antarctic ice in the summer of 1915. Captained by Sir Earnest Shackleton on an expedition to the South Pole. The ice proved to be too much and ended up crushing the ship, sending her to her final resting place in the cold dark depths below. The whole crew survived but the world thought the ship might be lost forever. A group of explorers set out to find the Endurance after everyone in the community saying it couldn't be done because of the ice. The ship has now been labeled as a historical monument and nothing will be raised or removed from the wreckage. The preservation of the wreck is incredible and it looks as though it hit the ocean floor just a week ago. The ship sank 106 years ago and was found 6 kilometers from where the last position was recorded. The Endurance carried a crew of 28 men on a mission to be the first ship to cross the Atlantic or to cross Antarctica. They never stepped foot on the continent because they were caught in an unexpected block of ice. The ship was found nearly 2 miles deep! It took 34 dives in the ice-clogged waters to find the ship. The ice cold water preserved the Endurance in incredible condition. Check out these pics! If you have any more Endurance facts send them my way. I love this kin of history and exploration.

The crew managed to take these photographs before the ship was crushed by the ice.

Sir Earnest Shackleton

The 28 brave men who survived on ice drifts for 5 months before finding an opportunity to leave in small women boats.

After 43 dives by remote machines, The Endurance was found 2 miles deep.



  • What an incredible find! I love that the shipwreck is protected as well. This time capsule proves man's desire to survive no matter what the conditions or perils that lay ahead. If you haven't seen the movie Against The Ice on Netflix, I recommend it. This wreck reminds me of it. It is about the Greenland explorers who were also caught in ice for over 800 days before rescue. I digress. If you want to follow the entire story on locating The Endurance, follow this YouTube channel, Sea Ice Stories. They have 36 videos from the start of the journey eventually leading to the discovery. Its pretty incredible what modern technology is capable of.

  • This is awesome. I cant believe the shipwreck is in such good condition after being crushed by ice. From the stories I've read about Sir Earnest Shackleton, this man seems to be an incredible captain and leader. Faced with adversity, his bravery and knowledge kept his crew alive. His life and career are very interesting. Take a look at some of these photos I've found while researching the Endurance Expedition.

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  • I got cold just looking at these pictures! What an incredible story

  • Sir Earnest Shackleton was the first person in history to take an areal photo of the continent. The exploration is an incredible story. Here is a wonderful video highlighting the struggles and findings of the expedition. These photos are unbelievable.

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