In Desperate Need Of Some Good Fishing Shirts For Women

Where are the best fishing shirts for women? I like a light and soft material. I want a woman's fishing shirt to have a sun hood, well-fitted and not boxy. A face shield is a bonus. A woman's fishing shirt should also be breathable. What favorite brands of women's fishing shirts are you ladies loving on the water, exposed to the sun for hours? Thanks Dock Line!



  • Hello my name is Madison, I am the artist/owner/operator @sonny.hook Fishing Apparel. I offer as a angler myself who was searching for female fishing attire that wasn't a large mens shirt oversized and not made for our body types something else. More like you requested. I created this line specifically for women, but cater to menswear as well. Were a new brand. The shirts can have a hood or no hood your preference short or long sleeve and multiple colors you can write me on instagram or send me and email SONNYHOOKLLC@GMAIL.COM if your interested give me a shout if you like what you see


  • @LaVidaLocal, My wife loves her Pelagic shirts. She also has a few HUK shirts but I think she likes the Pelagic for her body type a little better. The Huk shirts runs a little small. The Columbia fishing shirts she has are little too baggy and boxy for her preference.

  • The materials Huk and Grundens use for their hooded sun shirts might possibly be the most comfortable materials on earth. The fit on these two women's sun shirts are perfect for fishing long days in the sun from cool mornings to blazing afternoons. Not too baggy like other women's fishing shirts. I have not tried the Pelagic shirts or the SonnyHook shirts mentioned above but I am interested. I'll definitely give them a closer look now that the sunny season is almost here. The Grunden's women's fishing shirts seems to have the most comfortable seams which is really important around my chest and armpit area when fishing. I'll share a link to the ones i'm talking about.

    Grunden's Women's fishing shirt

    HUK women's fishing shirt

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