Tips On How To Increase Boat MPG During High Gas Prices

How To Increase Boat MPG

I think we can all agree that fuel is not cheap right now. Chances are it's only going to increase for the next little while so I wanted to start a discussion about boat fuel consumption. I'm looking for any tips on increasing boat mpg or decreasing boat gph, whatever you say. Bottom line, what are some helpful ways to increase a boats efficiency.

Could I be using my trim tabs in order to reduce drag or strain on my prop when accelerating? There is so much to take into account that when you add it all up, Im sure you could save a significant amount of fuel. Is any of it worth it though? I guess i'm trying to narrow down the ideal settings or easiest tricks to increase boat mpg. I understand I will burn more fuel on rough days or windy days. Those are things I can make the judgement call on. What about fuel additives in a boat to increase the mpg?


  • @CoastToCoast proper trim tab adjustment is necessary for good fuel economy in a boat. Too much or too little trim is going to result in increased work and drag. Getting out onto a plane easily and smoothly will be your best option. I see too many people try to ride a plane as soon as possible. This requires a lot of initial throttle to do and may end up costing more than gradually accelerating into a plane using your trim tabs to assist. You should also position passengers and gear accordingly. If everyone is sitting in back with you, its going to take more fuel to get to an efficient operating range. That being said, If everyone moves to the front and you end up plowing through the water, you are creating increased drag and that will result in more fuel being burnt. Appropriate weight distribution along with proper trim adjustment will result in a significant change in fuel efficiency on your boat. Good call, gas is crazy expensive around here.

  • Years back I let my antifouling paint expire and the hull of my boat got pretty dirty. It wasn't anymore than other boats with old bottom paint and grime and buildup so I didn't think too much of it. We took it out of the water and cleaned and refreshed the paint... The difference in reduced drag and handling was unbelievable. Not to mention the accumulated weight we had built up over the course of a few years. Gas was half what it is today so I cant imagine the increased GPH a boat would see just by keeping the hull as clean as possible. One thing I learned is that a bare fiberglass hull is the most efficient in water. If you wax the bottom of a boat, you may actually increase the chance of forming air bubbles at WOT, which creates friction and increased drag. Friction and wind resistance have proven to be the biggest factors in increased efficiency with my boat. After cleaning out the stuff we dont use that just stored on the boat, old fishing equipment, water toys, unused tools etc. I was able to take off at least 150-200 lbs of unused stuff. I'm sure that made a difference in increasing my boats Mpg as well.

  • Great discussion, especially now that we are seeing record marine fuel prices that are threatening the boating industry. Becoming a fuel efficient boater is very important to fishing charters, tours, and recreational boaters alike. Take a look at these 9 tips on lowering the fuel cost in your boating budget.

    9 Tips On Lowering Your Marine Fuel Cost

    The number 1 tip for improving your fuel economy on the water.... Sailboat

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