Trim Tabs

First post. Not sure this is the right category to post this question.

I would love some feedback on whether it is worth adding trim tabs to a power boat where most of its time is spent running around lakes/rivers and sometimes dragging some skiers/tubers.

Thank you in advance for any information!




  • Have to say, they are a plus to add to any boat. Allows for getting on plane faster under heavy loads, along adding lift to the rear of the boat. As always do the benefits outway the cost.

  • Posting the boats make, size and engine helps in answering all questions. Does your boat have a jacking plate or engines ability to tilt?

    Adding trim Tabs to most boats are a plus. There are hydraulic, electric and self adjusting. Most captains use them to correct listing due to the elements or adjustments to the boats speeds. They do aid as stated above. Trim Tabs reduce bow rise so visibility is increased. Also tabs can be used to prevent a boat from falling off plane at lower speeds.

    Trim tabs can be expensive and labor intensive. Talk to your local marina or boats manufacturer for additional help.

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