Bells and Whistles at intervals

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I sail the Chesapeake. 42' sloop. Usually anchor out. Have run into heavy fog. Inland rules say I need to be sounding bells and whistles at specific intervals in those situations. Does anyone make bells and whistles with timers? I can't sail or cook with one hand. Can't sail with no sleep. Solutions?



  • @Tina Great question and luckily, you are not alone with this issue. Many sailors have to deal with fog and you are right, sailing with one hand can prove to be rather difficult. There are VHF's that sound the "Fog Horn" every minute and a half as required when selected. One quality example of a VHF with this feature is the ICOM M605 with GPS and AIS built in. You can select from foghorn modes for use while underway, stopped or on anchor. There’s also a listen-back feature that amplifies nearby sounds such as other boats. This VHF radio has the best waterproof rating in the industry and is right at home in foggy, wet conditions.

    Navigating in dense fog requires 100 percent of your ­attention to monitor the radar, keep an eye on the AIS and listen for noises such as approaching craft, the sound of a buoy or crashing waves on a jetty, not to mention piloting the boat. A VHF radio with an automatic foghorn feature can be an essential safety feature when it’s socked in.

    Click here to view the details on the ICOM M605 with the automatic "foghorn" feature.

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