I Need Recommendations For A Good Fishing Specific Backpack

I have outgrown my small tackle bag, I currently use a Plano 3500 tackle bag. Now that i'm fishing for more species, and have a solid obsession with buying new lures and gear, I'd like something bigger and in backpack form. I need a fishing backpack that I can pack on my boat or use to walk around the community fisheries. I'm looking for a fishing pack that I can swap out standard tackle boxes for the day depending on where I'm going. Either a river or a lake etc. I'm not sure how much it matters but this would be for freshwater fishing only. From Perch to Pike, I'm looking for a bag that can handle it all. Thanks Dock Line!



  • I have a Shimano Blackmoon Front Load tackle backpack. Absolutely love it! It has a quite a bit more room than your 3500 and an entirely different compartment that you could fit smaller tackle boxes in or whatever gear you want. Side pouches hold all the plastics you could need. It works great for fishing from shore or on someone else's boat where you bring your own gear. It's easy to keep your tackle organized. I've yet to have an issue lacking any room. IT has two side compartments and two main compartments. The straps are thick and contoured and the back is well ventilated to help keep your back cool. I keep leader, line and things like that on the left side pouch. The reason is it is built with little holes in it designed to run line through and velcro it down. You dont even need to open the zipper to get your line, you can pull it straight from the spool using the line guides built into the pocket. Thats an awesome feature that saves a lot of time. There are two spots that hold rods just fine. I dont like to use them because I fish in woodsy areas and need to guide my rods through the trails.

    The main compartment comes with 4 main tackle boxes. Theyre probably close to twice the size of the Plano 3500 tackle boxes. The main compartment also has a spot for your phone or license or whatever. Super easy to access as well. The tackle boxes stack on top of each other and are separated by a piece of plastic to keep them from falling as you pull out a tackle box which is something I dont see in other bags.

    I keep my personal stuff in the top compartment. A rain jacket, a few beverages, some snacks and tools. Works great for all of those things. I love the Shimano Blackmoon backpack and I cant think of anything else I'd need with it. If you plan to keep fish, a soft foldable fish bag would fit inside the top compartment no problem.

    Shimano Blackmoon Front Load backpack.

    I should also note that they do make a top load version. It does'nt fit my needs as well as the front load does. Good Luck!

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