Lithium Boat Batteries

I've decided its time to make the upgrade to lithium boat batteries this season. What brands have you guys been happy with so far. Marine Lithium batteries aren't cheap so I'm looking for a pair I know the manufacturer will stand behind. I guess I will also need a Lithium boat battery charger? Any input would be much appreciated. Id like to get these installed sooner than later. Thanks everyone!



  • @Cobalt62 thats a nice boat! You'll love the ease of upgrading to a lithium battery. If you have a group size 31 battery, the RELiON RB100-HP is awesome. Its very lightweight compared to its lead-acid counterpart. It is a great battery for starting and cycling and has 100 amp hours. It has a 36 month replacement warranty and a prorated warranty up to 10 years which is amazing and why I decided to go with RELiON. Very happy with my purchase so far and Id definitely recommend it for anyone looking to upgrade to a Lithium battery. It's a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which is supposedly more stable than the others and has a more consistent power output. I'm very happy with it, the price was good and I'm sure you'd like it as well.

    RELiON Lithium Marine Batteries.

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