Spring Crappie Fishing Is Getting Better and Better!

I have been having a blast this early season crappie fishing with a lot of luck. I think its because of the winter we just had but I thought I'd come on and tell you guys what's been working for me. Water temps seem to have made the biggest difference. Ive been fishing closer to shore where the sun has had a chance to warm up the shallows. I also utilize a slip bobber because I tend to work the shallows this time of year. This allows me to adjust my depth quickly and adapt to the weed beds easily. Fishing this time of year is usually pretty windy so use it to your advantage. Cast upwind and let the wind take your bobber down along those weed beds. Use that slip bobber and move it 6" at a time to find that hot zone the crappie are being active in. I really like using a small gold or a small wonder bread jig. My preferred bait is usually a small pink or white plastic chigger fly. As long as it has a springy tail, it will work. I've tried using different scented plastics and I dont notice much of a difference.

couple of slabs.

Tight lines friends!



  • I have never caught a crappie. They aren't as common in my area but there are a few lakes that people have good luck. I have a rod setup for perch so I'll give it a shot. I hear they are delicious. Do you target them right off the bottom like perch or do they hang out at different depths? They are gorgeous fish!

  • @DeerfootLivin It really depends on the time of year and their environment. Crappie typically spawn in the shallows, between 3-6 ft of water. If the water is murky, they may even be as shallow as 2 feet. Crappie are pretty lazy sunfish. so you really need to be aware of your presentation. A light or ultra-light rod works best. In late winter, I've caught black crappie as deep as 25 ft. I use mostly soft plastics with a scent as an attractant. Crappie is a species that you have to hunt. Once you find them, youll have tight lines more often than not. Start in the lower water column, keep a steady wind with a light action. Reel slow and let them follow, they'll give a soft nip. Dont pull it away from the fish, just keep a steady reel until you've got a bite. Find weed beds, find structure and work it slowly. I like a soft plastic with a small tail. I also like a small jig with a little chunk of worm or minnow. There are even multiple kinds of Power Bait nibbles for crappie. These work great for dock fishing for crappie. If you aren't getting bites, its time to start hunting. Start looking for different potential crappie friendly environments and stay quiet. Best of luck!

  • Here are some very helpful tips and tricks presented by professional angler Nicole Jacobs on Crappie fishing. Nicole is very skilled angler and has some secrets that might put you onto the slab of a lifetime. She breaks down the different techniques to target both male and female crappie and where you can find them during different times of the year.


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